[#A matter of perspective] WHERE LEARNING LEADS

I know a young man who can explain correctly, every theory and principle behind a radio transmitter and receiver circuit design. He is quite knowledgeable in determining the voltage, resistance and capacity of every element. Interestingly, he has never designed or made any circuit.

I know another man who runs an events planning agency. He has successfully organised events and shows for over three years. Everything he knows about this business stems from his experiences in a volunteering position he took up sometime ago. He learns on the job.

Learning is a vital aspect of our existence. Our daily experiences (and learning institutions) teach us useful lessons, to help us in improving our lives, societies and in achieving our goals. Those who eventually realize their potentials and become successful, understand one vital principle; where your learning leads to knowledge, you remain stagnant, but where it leads to action, you pave your path to greatness. Be like the second guy; let your learning lead to action, and not just knowledge.


I learn lessons and I tell stories…

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