Gratitude for a Year II: THE WINDS OF GOOD FORTUNE

He always had this calm demeanor, and affable look.
And was quite helpful too.
This young man of 23.

I’d strike up little discussions with him from time to time, whenever we bumped into each other. And he was quite intelligent.
He had deferred his education in the university, and was working in the hotel to make ends meet and raise funds.
To compete his schooling, and take care of his wife and daughter.

One morning, as I sat at a table on the lounge, busy on my laptop, he came around as usual.
After we exchanged pleasantries, he posed the silent question which had been on the minds of every staff and regulars in the hotel.
“What exactly do you do?”
“I work online” I smiled.
And I gave him further explanations, he nodding in amazement.
“You’re the first person I’ve come across who owns a laptop, and works fully online this way. Everyone else uses a desktop and they all work from their offices”.

In the subsequent months after our discussion on that Tuesday morning in January, I’d run into several persons who shared the same sentiments about my work lifestyle.
I’d also run into persons who faced their peculiar challenges, and who would never in their lives get to experience my reality.

Over the course of this year, I’d faced several challenges. However, I’ve had times of solitude when I’d ponder on my lot and the lot of those whom I’d been fated to run into. In comparison with these persons, I’d say despite my challenges, seeming failed efforts, and delayed hopes over the past years, the winds of good fortune have been favourable to me.

A couple of weeks back, I reconnected with an old friend. While reminiscing on our past, he recounted his experiences volunteering in a humanitarian cause over the past three years across the country. His stories made me appreciate my lot so far.

As the year winds up, I end on a note of gratitude for the winds of good fortune that have wound my way.
Gratitude to God, family, and friends….

I learn lessons, and I tell stories…


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