Gratitude for a Year: NEVER ALONE…

I finally dropped the second bag and fell on the bed.
The place was quiet.
On this mid morning.
My heading still pounding, and the fever unabated,
After this trip;
From one home, alone, to another.
It had been quite a year of many things.
Many discoveries, journeys, setbacks, successes.
And yet still on the move.
In all I had spent a greater part of the year alone.
But never lonely.
Bugged down with work,
hanging out and reuniting with family… and friends, and colleagues.
And virtually.
Remembering the ones lost,
and relieving the moments shared with them.
Fighting my demons,
And rediscovering the hidden parts of myself.

In this year, I’ve come to experience and realize the truth of Justice John Roberts words:
“I hope you will be lonely from time to time so you don’t take friends for granted”.
True friends…
And I’ve come to appreciate each day.
And each passing moment,
As a gift.
And to my family…
And friends,
I say “Thank You”
For always being there.


I learn lessons and I tell stories…

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