[#Just_stories] CHANGING WEALTH

Her wrinkled fingers trembled as she took the picture from my hand.

“Your grand daughter?” I asked, after viewing the slender, beautiful figure posing in it.

“That was me.” She smiled. “About 5 decades ago. In the prime of my first wealth.”

“How so?” I gave her a puzzled look

“Joan Collins once said that the problem with beauty is that it’s like being born rich and getting poorer; Those years proved this to be true.” She gazed into the distance. “But with time I learnt to acquire new riches, new experiences, new values. The wealth changed.”

“That’s interesting” I said.

“And the new wealth never depreciates” She continued. “It grows with timeā€¦”
We walked slowly in silence to the auditorium.


I learn lessons and I tell stories…

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