“Please, for the sake of these little ones, Lord”. His lips moved in whispers. “Give me the blessing of another year”.

His clasped hands trembled as he lay on the bed.

Fighting the tumour with each laboured breath.

I felt his pulse.

I wished him well, and prayed that he would win the struggle.

For their sake; his wife and four kids.

And I wheeled off to the next ward to check on the other patient.

His young wife was by his side, on bended knees.

And with swollen eyes.
“For my sake and that of our little ones please spare him”. She wept profusely, as he lay comatose, hanging between two worlds.

After he – out of depression – had sought to leave this one for the other by the quickest way possible; suicide….

Both battles were tense.

Both supplicants fought strenuously.

And they eventually triumphed.

And so it was, at the start of a year.

That two men stood at crossroads.

One fighting to see a new year;
the other fighting to leave.

Both being held back to life.

For the sake of their little ones…


I learn lessons and I tell stories...

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