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“One reason why humans are complex is owing to the luggages of our dark pasts we carry around”. He said with a grave look as he sipped his cognac. I gazed at him intently. Hanging on every word he said. He – one of the well touted prestigious business moguls. The exquisivity of his penthouse where in we sat, told a bit of his affluence.
“I’ve learnt the hard way.” He continued. “To cut off those who can’t handle their excessive luggages. Don’t be the martyr for their problems. No matter how you try, you can’t resolve all their shit. It’s best to tend to your own affairs.” I thanked him for the tips and left after he had signed the papers.

My next stop was the rectory, where I met a long queue at the cleric’s office. Each person with a luggage of their own. The secretary led me in after he had been notified of my presence and he gave me a warm welcome. He looked exhausted.
“Why not take a break?” I suggested with concern. “You’re human after all, and you can’t solve all their problems today.”

“Sure I can’t.” He smiled. “Each person here carries a complex and unique luggage. But dealing with the luggages is my life. And each time I make the attempt to begin, the grace from above takes over. And in those moments, I attain a state of divinity. So I’m just the vessel of grace; the divine assistance makes all the difference.”

He signed the papers and saw me to the door. As I left, he warmly ushered in a young couple. To another moment of divinity.
I pondered on the thoughts of these two noble men. Who spoke from two different worlds.


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