[#just_stories] WHAT’S NEXT?

As I was to discover, he had this habit of popping the question. “What’s next?”

The novelty wore off soon enough and my patience gradually thawed as I slowly acquired a new job; coming up with satisfactory answers on demand to this question.

So that day we sat in court for his trial.

For attempted robbery. His victim was an elderly lady with a wizened look.

This will be quite easy, I thought. As she mounted the witness box he grabbed my arm, startling me in the process.

“What’s next Chris?” He whispered excitedly.

“Just shut up”. I sighed.

The prosecution attorney began his tirade of questions to which he already knew the answers. Suddenly, without batting an eyelid, he gestured towards my client,

“You said that this man threatened you with a dagger in his right hand?”

“Yes”. She replied.

“She’s lying!” My client screamed. “I used my left hand. I am not right handed!”

“Order!” The magistrate banged his gavel as the spectators burst into laughter.

After the magistrate gave his verdict, he turned to me and asked “So what’s next?”

“I’ll go and search for more sensible clients, while you spend your time in jail asking that question”.

I didn’t win that case.

T. C.
I learn lessons and I tell stories…

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