[#painted_lines] POSTING FOR THE LIKES

A phone at hand is quite handy
with pictures, songs and apps to tweak
Lightened by data plans amply
Voila! a brand new world I seek
of social media, games and feed
A place to be, a world indeed

To social media slide I do
of Books to Face and lines to tweet
My feed quite filled with much ado
about nothing but posts replete
with pictures brimming of self crush
and in, the streams of likes all gush.

The stage I jump to play a role
All must see what I have to show
In fresh loaned wears and cars I pose
while Photoshop edits the show.
Then I upload and post the best
and likes I anticipate next

They trickle in, in tens they come
and finally to hundreds spike.
A celebrity I become
for friends and followers alike
exclaim “Behold there stands Chris Teck!
He’s got some fine things round his neck”.

The course I’ve set must be maintained
For more I must proceed to get
The range of hundreds I’ve attained
and now the thousands I must get.
Hence to social media I coast,
and for likes eagerly I post


I learn lessons and I tell stories…

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