[#painted_lines] UNDER LIGHTS

Image credits; Chris Teck

Under silver lights
that illumine our gaze
we both stare at the stage before us.
And steal side glances
donning acting faces
that seek to tell differing intents.
Under retinal lights that spread
on themselves the glances we steal
We struggle amidst the wavering walls
of the coyness we wear on our faces and bodies
that seek to betray our real insides.
The lights tell us both,
the truths we know.
The truths we labour hard to suppress
An endeavour somewhat amusing
and yet we know, quite foolish to commonsense.
But we’ve been bred by a World and worlds
that teach us to be coy actors under the lights.
The lights are lights and we envy them
for they show us the selves we fear to be
And so we both spend our days battling to evade
or to accept the message of the lights;
to open our beating hearts
to their blaring voices
that call to each other.
Telling us persistently,
that we both share a wondrous tale.


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